Corset Care Guide
How To Clean & Care For Your Corset

  • Hand wash only. Do not machine wash. Otherwise dry
        clean is recommended.
        * For leather corsets, DRY CLEAN ONLY.
         Use leather conditioner occasionally to keep it supple.

  • Use a small amount of mild soap powder or detergent
        and dilute in a pail of water.

  • Dip the corset into the pail and rinse gently.
        Rinse in clean water until clear of soap residue.

  • Gently squeeze out excess water. Do not twist or wring
        the corset. Lay flat to drip dry.

  • If ironing is required, use low temperature and iron
        on the reverse side of the corset. Avoid ironing on the
        boning (stiff support strips along the corset)

  • If the corset is not soiled or worn layered over another
        garment, washing is not necessary. Simply air-dry it.

  • To air-dry your corset, hang it over the back of the chair
        or hanger with the busk (front/side closure) unfasten.

  • How To Put On A Corset

  • Unfasten the busk (front/side closure) of the corset.

  • Loosen the back lacing of the corset as much as
        required to easily wrap the corset around your body.

  • Wrap the corset around you and fasten the busk
        from the top downwards.

  • Begin pulling in the back lacing gradually, you
        may need to pull the corset down or adjust your
        body to fit into the corset properly.

  • Once the corset is well positioned, pull the lacing
        into a tight but comfortable fit and tie the laces.

  • IMPORTANT: Before taking off your corset, always
        loosen the back lacing BEFORE you unfasten the
        busk. Not doing so could damage the corset.

  • Note

  • If you plan to wear stockings or shoes with lacing
        or buckle, put them on before your corset as you
        may have difficulty bending over in your corset.

  • To ensure the durability of your corset, we
        recommend customers to follow the care
        instructions above closely.